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Aspergers or just Blessed??

My son was diagnosed with Aspergers syndrome at the beginning of Seventh grade. He’s now a Senior in high school.

But, let’s back up just a bit. In Second grade he was diagnosed with ADHD. I wouldn’t have considered him hyper at home. But, while at school he couldn’t sit still and would blurt out the answers to questions before anyone else had the to chance to even think about the answers. In hind-site I would say he was probably bored and just wanted to move things along. So of course we had him tested with the recommendation of his school teacher and along with his pediatrician’s recommendations we put him on ADHD meds. He’s since stopped his meds.

At the end of Sixth grade he had to have emergency surgery for Appendicitis. I could tell almost immediately after he awoke that something was different about him, but I couldn’t put my finger on it. He said that while he was lying in bed recovering he had time for reflection. He started thinking about just how beautiful this world is, and about God and all of His creation. What this means to him. Where his life will go. (pretty deep for a Sixth grader).

At the beginning of Seventh grade he started showing traits of someone with Aspergers. He had a hard time with all of the noise in the hallways, he would put all of the seats in the cafeteria under the tables and other things that made his teacher take notice. He slept through most of his classes, didn’t do his homework but would still get 100% on his tests even without notes. One of his teachers even asked him if he learned by osmosis – ha-ha.  His teachers thought it would be a good idea to have him tested again.  After a couple of weeks of testing they diagnosed him with High Functioning Autism Spectrum Disorder (Aspergers). Most subjects he tested about five to six grades higher than his actual grade. Everyone knew he was smart but now it was a reality. He was even able to attend a couple of GERI classes at Purdue, and that was really fun for him. It also was a chance for him to be around other people that were just as smart.

Being smarter doesn’t mean being better or doing better in life. There area other issues. Social responsibilities, becoming a productive citizen, being able to function in society with some normality.

He doesn’t like being labeled and it’s true that he doesn’t have most traits that other Aspie’s do. He’s fairly social, he actually enjoys public speaking and is really good at it. He has a heart for God and I really think he’s being called to go in to some sort of ministry, so it’s a good thing he likes public speaking. If you ask him his opinion he’ll clearly tell you God has blessed him with intelligence for a reason. He just needs to find out what that is.

Really there are a lot of people who have traits of someone with Asperger’s. Just look at Thomas Edison, Albert Einstein, Tesla, Tim Page, Benjamin Franklin, Ludwig van Beethoven, Bill Gates,  just to name a few. In my opinion, and I’m sure my son would agree, maybe these people are just blessed with a deeper intelligence. All of these people have contributed to the world in a special way and it takes everyone to build a village. Why do we feel the need to label people that are unique?

Thanks for listening.

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Great Food

I’ve been wanting to write about a couple of places that have really great food (in my opinion). I’ll only talk about two of the places today and they are both just  South of Indianapolis. One is in Franklin, IN and the other is in Edinburgh, IN.

My family and I love to go eat at some really “Dive” type restaurants but they’re family owned and there’s no denying how great their food is.

Ribs from Hickory Hills These are the best ribs I’ve ever tasted. They come dry with sauce on the side, either mild or hot. I like them dry but my husband likes them saucy. (Each to their own. right?) They come from Hickory Hills Barbecue in Edinburgh, IN. If you ever go shopping at the HUGE outlet mall there, take a short drive North on US31 and you’ll find them. Beware they’re closed on Sunday and Monday and if you want ribs you should call them (812-526-5280)  shortly after they open at 11:00am or they will probably be sold out. Today is Friday, and while my Mom & I were shopping we called and placed our order around 1pm. We got there at 2pm and they had already sold out of them for the day. The actual restaurant is super dinky and really does look sort of like a glorified wood barn. But prices are good and so is the food.

Athen's Gyro

Another place we like to go is in Franklin, In called Athens. Owned and operated by a Greek family, so the food is very authentic. You seat yourself, and they fill up fast Sunday afternoons. The atmosphere is very laid back, jeans and a t-shirt are just fine, or if your in your Sunday best that’s okay too.   They have a small salad bar and full menu of Greek dishes as well as American dishes. My son’s favorite is the spaghetti (all you can eat), my husband’s is the Gyro. I usually mix it up, meaning I rarely get the same thing twice but I think my favorite would be either the Pastichio and the Spanakopita.

No paid advertising here, just my opinion of some great food. Enjoy!!

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Seeds One Week Old

I’m so excited to see my seedlings growing. It’s been about one week since I started them.  I have lettuce, peas, broccoli and cauliflower already coming up.

Seeds One Week Old

Seeds One Week Old

My husband is still working on the raised garden bed, but we had about seven inches of snow today. Hopefully this will be the last of that; and my seedlings will be ready to plant as soon as he’s done.

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No matter what time I go to bed on the weekend I wake up early. We are a family of little sleep (or it just feels that way). My husband has memories of “allnighters” in his college days. Our son has never slept well, and still as an adult he doesn’t require much sleep. It seems like I’m the only one who actually loves to sleep, and requires any to function the next day.

I have to laugh because when I wake up I’m AWAKE, I mean wide awake. Even though I’ve been married for 23 years my husband still looks at me in the morning like I’m an alien. He’s a sloooowww waker upper (yes I know that’s not proper English). When I start talking he looks at me with this weird glazed over look and then gets the coffee started. Our son on the other hand is grouchy when he first wakes up, unless he wakes up on his own then he’s more like me. In a good mood and ready to go.

I think internal clocks are are amazingly weird. It’s funny how every morning shortly before my alarm goes off I wake up, wide awake. Even on the weekend I wake up early. I try to get back to sleep but by then my mind is set on things that need to be done. I just cannot  sleep any longer, sigh. Even the doggie is ready to wake up the world…bark, bark, bark. She runs outside to join the squirrels, birds and the one wild rabbit that we oddly have.

I remember when I was younger I stayed at my Grandparents quite a bit and my Grandma (I had to call her Mom-she wouldn’t answer to Grandma until you were a GREAT grandchild) She would be up by 5:30 or some crazy hour and in the kitchen making breakfast. I remember the coffee percolating and the smell of something wonderful, like homemade biscuits and gravy. She never made anything fancy but she was a great cook. What great memories. I can easily see myself doing this same thing with our grand-kids, when we have them (or better said, when my son gets married and his wife has kids). I love the mornings and I love to cook.

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Bible Study

So tonight we had Bible Study and it got me to thinking about some things on a deeper level. God made us to worship Him basically and we have the choice to accept Jesus as Savior (or not). These are just my thoughts and I understand that not everyone will agree. I’ve felt a little out of sorts lately. Some of it I can explain but some of it I can’t. It’s like I’m just not functioning the way I was meant to. Maybe God’s calling me to be a better Christian, Spouse, Mom, Friend, etc…just “better”.

I feel I take things for granted sometimes & I really should be more thankful for my life. Like the health of my family, that I knew and remember all of my Grandparents, the fact that my parents and my spouse’s parents are all still alive and healthy, or just how beautiful this world really is. I think that’s why I love the ocean so much. I love to just listen to the waves and think about how magnificently powerful the water is. I know God created that. I can’t imagine what it would have been like to have been Noah and know that the entire world except that “little” ark was all that existed. I wonder sometimes if he felt alone, I bet he did have doubts at some time but then again he was divinely called to save the world from extinction. Just think how things would be if he disobeyed God. So that brings me back to being truly thankful for this beautiful world & all of the beautiful creatures that live here.  (Just a nib-let of how I think.)