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The White River Canal

My husband and I had a day off together and we wanted to do something, but not have to spend much doing it. So we decided to go downtown to the White River Canal and walk around. We hadn’t been there in probably 10 years or so. I couldn’t believe how much has changed; there were so many walkways and all kinds of great art work. We had a really nice relaxing walk. The one thing that always gets me anxious about going to Downtown Indy is finding parking in close proximity to where I’m wanting to be, but parking was very easy to find and easy to pay for.

I really enjoyed the sculptures and reading about them. It was quite interesting to see how other people relate to our city and the Midwest way of life. Each sculpture has a plaque describing the artist’s reason for the peace.

P1000627 This was the beginning of our walk.

P1000629 This canoe was made from aluminum and placed on wooden beams. It’s named Travelogue by Eric Nordgluen—Indianapolis, Indiana.

Sentinel by Ray Katz—Pontiac, Michigan

P1000631 This Bison was at one of the entrances to the Indianapolis Zoo. I couldn’t get over how detailed it was. It was really nicely done. There are several more sculptures, but I just couldn’t get pictures of them all.

P1000633 This walk way went behind the zoo and ran parallel to the White River. I told my husband he’ll have to take me back when everything is in bloom and the leaves are full on.

P1000635 The Indianapolis Skyline.

P1000636 This is part of the Canal that rests next to the Indiana State Museum. It winds around, and on the other side you can rent a paddle boat and paddle your way through the canal.

We saw a lot of joggers, some people out walking their dogs, and even people on their lunch break just getting a little exercise and fresh air.

So if you’re planning a visit to Indianapolis, go Downtown and check out the White River Canal!



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