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St. Augustine Florida

We hadn’t been on vacation in quite some time. So; we decided to go somewhere this year. It was sort of poor planning on my part, because I planned to leave the same day our son graduated from high school. To my defense, I didn’t realize this until after we had booked everything, and who graduates in the middle of June? When I was in school we were out by the end of May. Jacob was a little upset, but we left right after graduation and headed South. My parents went with us this year. It was the first time we’ve vacationed together, except for long weekend trips to Gatlinburg and it was spending time together.

While we were there, St. Augustine was celebrating it’s 500 year anniversary and there was a special ship there called El Galeon. It was pretty cool considering it was a working replica, which sailed from Spain. The crew were very nice to talk to, and they said it took them twenty-four days to get to Florida. I can not imagine this considering I thought a sixteen hour drive was long!

El Galeon. El Galeon at port near the Bridge of Lions in St. Augustine Florida.

P1000705 This just one of the beautiful windows of stained glass at the Cathedral Basilica of St. Augustine. This church was established in 1565, I believe this is the oldest parish in America. It was incredibly beautiful and so serene.

P1000795 Of course, we had to go to the Alligator Farm. Wow!!! Were there Alligators!!! I would not want to be walking around in there.

P1000802 P1000796 These beautiful parrots were at the Alligator Farm too. The blue parrot was modeling for us. It was so funny, he would look right at us when we had the camera pointed at him and then look away if we didn’t. They’re such smart animals.

P1000836 P1000841 I have no idea what kind of birds these are, but there were hundreds of them in the trees. They were beautiful and so fuzzy! They were so close you could almost reach out and touch them (which I’m sure would be frowned upon – and I’m assuming could be dangerous, so I didn’t try).

P1000719 In our family, we can’t go to Florida, without going to the beach. That’s the whole point right? The beach in St. Augustine was so nice, the sand was clean, and very fine and we didn’t see one sting-ray, jelly fish or shark. Whew!!

Hope you can enjoy some down time this summer too!!~Bam

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I just love Asiatic Lilies and this year I actually have some that haven’t been eaten up by the bunnies. I’ve had these lilies for at least five years, but, I couldn’t remember what color they were because the bunnies would start chewing and chewing and chewing. They would start at the leaves and then when those were all gone they would move up to the stalks.

This year I got smart and sprayed them with a mix that I made. I don’t want to hurt the bunnies I just wanted to deter them. So I made a mix of hot pepper sauce, and a little liquid dish soap, and put it in a small spray bottle. It worked like a dream!!

P1000681 This year my Columbine has spread quit abundantly; and I think that’s helped out a bit also. It’s a little too dense for the bunnies to get around in there now.

P1000682 Here’s a side view, they rest right up next to the deck where the bunnies live.  I sprayed them mostly down at ground level, and there are no leaves missing (yet)!! The only real set back is that when it rains, or if I water, they have to be resprayed. (The spray seems to last a while in the fridge though.)

P1000684 These are from the front yard and are a smaller variety. I’m so excited about all of the early summer flowers.

Enjoy the beauty~bam