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I just love Fall, the crisp cool air, leaves falling, hot apple cider, and all the choices of apples!!! Apples are a great fruit, they can be eaten raw, stewed, made into apple sauce, juiced, sauteed, and baked in a dessert.

Tonight we were having grilled pork chops with asparagus and carrots and I thought,….sauteed apples would be delicious with dinner and they’re so easy to make.

I peeled three small Gala apples and started the skillet on medium heat and melted a 1Tbsp of unsalted butter.

P1000940 I love cast iron skillets and this one belonged to my Grandmother. Every time I use it I think of her.

P1000941 I sliced the apples fairly thick because they’ll cook down quite a bit.

P1000942 Once they get a little soft I added 1tsp. ground cinnamon, 1/4tsp. of freshly grated nutmeg, and good sprinkle of sugar, about 1Tbsp., and finally just a small sprinkle of sea salt¬† to taste, then stir them well and continue to saute them until they’re soft and translucent.

P1000943 They smell just like an apple pie without the crust. Delicious!!!

Enjoy some apples this fall!!!~Bam



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Garfield Park Conservatory

This a another entry¬† in the “Fun things to do in Indy”!! About two Saturdays ago a few women from church decided to go to the Garfield Park Conservatory for the afternoon. Not one of us had been before and it was a pleasant surprise. The cost was $1.00 to walk through the greenhouse and the outdoor Sunken Garden area is free. It was a beautiful day and we had a nice time just looking at God’s handiwork.

Image This is “Black Olive” tree. I love olives but, unfortunately I’m allergic to them and they give me a migraine if I eat them. :(( I had no idea they grew on little trees, I thought they grew on vines.

Image This is a “Pitcher Plant”…if you w’ere a little bug you’d want to avoid this, because they’re carnivorous. ewe…but very pretty!!!

Image My favorite!!! A “Coffee bean” tree. Bring on the Java!!!

Image There were so many colorful plants, but if I had to pick a favorite this would be it. I love pink and purple anything.

Image They had a nice little waterfall in the back with a small pond full of Koi.

Beautiful outdoor water fountains This is the beautiful view you see in the back of the conservatory. They have nice benches to sit and just enjoy the beauty. It was so peaceful.

Butterfly 1 Even the butterflies were having a good time.

So, if you’re around the South side of Indianapolis stop by the park for a bit.~Bam

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Pretty Pink Necklace

I found this cool tool to use when I’m making necklaces and some bracelets.

It’s a bead board. I LOVE this thing. Not only can I measure with it. I can leave loose beads in the compartments while I’m putting things together. I can also lay the beads out and mix and match things before I string them so I know exactly how the final product will look.

P1000930 Here’s a fun “pretty pink” necklace I made to sell this fall. I have all of the beads laid out and I have the correct measurement for the size of necklace i want to make.

P1000931 And Viola!!! It’s done and exactly how I want it to be. Yay…I love when things work out the way they should.

Happy making~bam

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Chunky bracelet

I’ve been working on a getting more jewelry together and I thought I’d share what I’ve done.

P1000929 This bracelet was a little difficult to make and it looks a little too rustic to sell, but I love the way it turned out for myself, and I have a lot of pinks and browns in my closet. Here’s how I put it together.

P1000908 I measured out ‘paddle wire’ and cut 17 pieces; each eight-and-half inches long.

P1000922 I rounded each piece on one end to keep the beads in place. This end needs to be fairly small. You’ll see why later.

P1000923 I used various seed beads and glass beads to make the strands. Once I have all of the strands done I lay them out to see how I want to put the bracelet together.

P1000925 Yay, they’re all done and now it needs to be put together. This is where it gets really tricky. To put the ends together I took a smaller piece of wire, make a small loop, then one seed bead goes on, then a completed wire, then another seed bead goes on, and it continues until finally one last seed bead and the final small loop to close it all off. Then, once I have the ends together I braid three pieces of wire on the bracelet in sections to help keep everything together and tightly in place, otherwise it’s just too floppy.

P1000927 When I’ve finished braiding the wire I wrap it up, cut it close and then tuck it under in between the beads. (I don’t want any wires poking out anywhere.)

P1000929 The wire is pliable so it just wraps around my wrist. Yes…it’s very time consuming and I do believe it would look less rustic using memory wire (I didn’t have any but will try to make one with that next).


Happy making~Bam