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Roasted Chicken with Thyme and Rosemary

The main dish for our Christmas Eve dinner this year was Roasted Chicken. It took me a while to think of what I could make, that everyone would enjoy, that I had not prepared before. (see previous post – Christmas Eve Tradition)

I enjoy roasting whole chickens, they look nice when they come out of the oven but then, it has to be sliced to serve. That’s just not something I’ve been able to conquer without mutilating it. So this year, I bought a whole chicken already cut up and a package of chicken thighs.

(I usually take more pictures but with the time constraints of having to get everything done and the house full of people I just forgot)

I start out with making the rub:

P1010022 1 stick of softened unsalted butter, two sprigs of Rosemary, 3 cloves of garlic, 2 Tbsp dried Thyme, pinch of sea salt and a larger pinch of black pepper, mixed together.

Then the chicken needs cleaned and  dried with clean paper towels. If you don’t dry the chicken the rub just doesn’t stick to the meat well.

P1010033 I put in two quartered yellow onions, and a pint of button mushrooms.

P1010035 And after baking it on 375 for about an hour (until the juices run clear) this is what it looked like. It was delicious!! I had to bake it in two dishes, there just wouldn’t have been enough room for the chicken to breath if I hadn’t.

I like “rustic” dishes because they’re easy to make and I don’t have to work extra hard at making it look good. As long as it taste good and the meat is cooked to temperature then it works.

The family loved it and even our very picky eater ate it.

(FYI- when handling raw meat, keep the work surface clean and wash hands…A LOT. In my opinion one can never be too clean when cooking) I cooked this chicken to a temp of 180 but some research shows it can be cooked to 160 and still be done, as long as the juices are clear when it’s cut near the bone it should be done. 🙂

Enjoy and Merry Christmas!!!~bam

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Christmas Eve Tradition

For several years now on Christmas Eve, we’ve had Christmas Eve dinner at our home. My parents and my husband’s parents come over for a wonderful meal. We’ll have dinner in the dinning room, with a fire in the front room and maybe some soft Christmas music on, but really it’s about celebrating the birth of Christ and being with family or friends that we love and care about.

I don’t know why, but, I get so excited about this meal. I think it’s for a few reasons, but, mainly it’s because my husband and I are both fortunate enough to have all of our parents here with us still. I also know we are blessed that they get along really well. We have our parents over quit a bit throughout the year for dinner or BBQ but this is just such a special time of year I really, really, want it to go well.

This year when I was planning what we would have I tried to remember all of those meals we have had previously, and I just can’t remember them all. I really try hard not to duplicate at least the main dish. This year I’ve decided on roasted Chicken with Rosemary and Thyme, and I thought I’d throw in some large sliced onions and mushrooms. For the sides I’ve decided on creamed corn, green beans with sauteed tomatoes, and maybe glazed carrots. There’s always a salad of some sort, homemade dinner rolls and dessert is a MUST (both of our Dads have huge sweet tooth’s).

I really became frustrated when I was thinking about all of this…I thought why didn’t I start a food journal? That would have made this  a lot easier. Then I got to thinking even more “maybe if I pull out the photo albums I might be able to figure out what I served”. Um, NO that didn’t work. Then I asked my Mom if she could remember everything we’ve had? No such luck with that either. I guess if I can’t remember it then hopefully no one else would remember it either, so I’m probably safe. Not that they would care anyway, I just think it’s fun to try something different every year.

So the moral of this short story is: If you’re starting a new tradition you might want to keep track of it from year to year (it would work good for someone like me – I have a thing for needing organization in my life) ha ha~bam