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Today we buried my Uncle. He lived a long and enduring life. Thankfully, in the end he didn’t suffer long for this world.

On occasion I over process and I’m sure I’ve done this now too. But where did the term “Rest In Peace” come from?? According to the general consensus it came from the Latin term “Requiescat in Pace” which means “may he rest in peace”. From what I’ve read it has some significance to a bible scripture.

Isaiah 57:2 NIV – Those who walk uprightly enter into peace; they find rest as they lie in death.

I had no idea that this is a term that originated from the bible. (I wonder how many other people don’t know this?)

I really struggled with my Uncle dying, more that what I thought I would. I think, it was because, I knew he still had his wits about him. What I mean by that is his body failed before his mind. He knew he was dying and he even gave the hospital staff a DNR. He made a conscious choice not to live with oxygen and any other assistance to keep his body working. He was ready to leave this world and move on.

To know that we have been promised peace in our death is quit comforting to me. I understand that not everyone shares my belief in the bible and what it says. I know there are many beliefs among many different religions regarding how we will spend our after life. For myself though, I do believe there’s a promise of a new Earth – Heaven on Earth. Full of hope and peace and a new spectacular life ever-after.

Not only¬† is this the logic that I was raised in but it actually makes sense to me to have hope that when I die I’m not just done. I have a soul that will spend eternity in a beautiful world where there is nothing but peace and tranquility. Otherwise, what is the purpose of this life? Yes, I do believe we have a purpose while we’re here on Earth, but, I don’t believe it’s our main goal. Living just to die – surely, there’s more to this life than that? I like Revelation 21, it gives a great description of what I and other Christians can look forward to.

I’m sorry if I’ve offended anyone by this. It’s just my personal thoughts on the after-life. You don’t have to agree, but, I hope I gave you something to chew on!!~Bam

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Starting a new chapter

Our son has started taking classes at the local community college and so far he’s really enjoying them. It’s amazing that he finally has begun this new chapter in his life. (I can’t believe my baby’s grown into an adult now)

We’ve really struggled with just getting him to focus enough to get through school and now he’s finally moving on. No one can imagine how relieved his Dad and I are about this. For the longest time he was so bored with regular school he slept through most of it. Yes…he still passed all of his classes, but he really wasn’t learning much.

Our prayer for him now is that he’ll be in a situation that will broaden his horizons, and make him think about his future. What he wants to do with his life and what he needs to do to get there. (English major or Theology-that’s where he’s at currently)

It will be interesting to see how things progress in the next few months, but for now, we are moving in the right direction and I for one am very thankful for this!!

Yay for a new opportunity~Bam

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Edward’s Drive In

A staple here on the South side of Indianapolis is one of the best places I know to get a tenderloin sandwich. They’re huge, delicious and hand made, along with hand-dipped onion rings and homemade root beer.


I’ve been going to Edward’s since I was a teen. It’s family owned, and they still have curb side service. The entire restaurant has a 50’s theme, it opened in 1957, with a working juke box and light up pictures of Elvis, Marilyn Monroe and others. There’s nothing fancy here, just old fashioned good food. They’ve even had a spot on National TV when they were visited by Adam Richmond.

This place holds a lot of nostalgia for me and my family. Hopefully, if you near the south side of Indianapolis you’ll stop by Edward’s and grab something deep fried, hot and delicious!!

Enjoy a little nostalgia~Bam

P.S. Don’t forget the mushrooms!