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Square Foot Garden

It’s that time of year when I’m getting our raised bed garden ready. I’m so excited this year to try this again. Last year, I would say the garden did a little under fair. This year, I’ve done a lot more research, bought some already started plants and am really hoping this works better. Not only have I changed up how I have the plants laid out, like I said earlier, I bought some plants that have already been started. The plants the I bought are the same kinds of plants that didn’t work well with the seeds I started last year myself, so, I’m crossing my fingers everything goes better with these.

I really didn’t fill our garden last year to capacity thinking I didn’t want to overcrowd the plants but the more I’ve been checking things out on-line the more I’ve come to realize a lot of plants can go into a one-square foot patch of dirt.

P1010186 With that in mind I asked my husband if he could grid the garden for me. Our bed isn’t quite square, so on the ends I have about 3″ more than the rest of the squares, and that makes the four corners about  3″ x 1.5″ larger; which is okay since I can plant a little bit more in those areas.  It gives me more room for the tomatoes & green beans I planted on each end.

P1010185 On the outside of the box he added some small screws and tied Mason String around them and then he continued the string in one long course around the box.

P1010184 Twisting it once at each square foot section. I thought this was pretty ingenious because now I can move the string around to make sure each box is where I want it to be.

IMG_20140504_161934_219 After a lot of research I came up with this plan. I had a general idea of what plants I wanted to try to grow and I started researching the best way to grow them. I learned about all kinds of things regarding ‘Companion Gardening’. Like I shouldn’t plant garlic near green beans or peas, but they grow good with tomatoes. Pretty cool, huh? I also learned that fragrant marigold’s deter bugs, and keep them away from plants like strawberries and lettuce. I also learned how many of each type of seeds to plant per square foot. There was definitely a method to my organizational madness here. I really, really, want this to work!!

P1010187 P1010190 I used the end of a large artist’s paint brush to make holes for the seeds in each square. I tried to keep everything very neat so I could see what I was working with.

P1010188 It helps the plant grow better if you gently pull on the roots before they’re planted, to loosen them up some. Don’t pull too hard, they can become damaged or even break off.

P1010192 I found these cool copper labels on They look so nice and will also help me stay organized ( Have I mentioned I love, love, love organization?)

P1010193 Yea, It’s all done. It looks so nice, due to a big part in my husband helping me. It was great team work. I also have some Rosemary and more Jalapeno planted in the large planters on the deck. I discovered last year the Rosemary did really well there and hopefully the squirrels or bunnies won’t like the Jalapeno as much as they liked the Strawberries that were there last year.

A couple of the websites I found very informative were and

Happy gardening~Bam


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