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Garden – 4 week update

I can’t believe it’s only been four weeks since we started our garden. I’m so excited to say this year’s garden is already doing better than last years.

Radish Radish. This is the first year I’ve grown radishes. My thought was I can just pluck them from the garden and have one or two rather than buying a bag of them and wasting most of them, since I’m the only one who will eat them. I had to pick one to see how big it was. It was a pretty good size. I’d say a week longer and they’ll be full size. I think we’ll be able to have two batches of radish this year – we’ll see.

Peas The peas are looking good.

Pole Beans We have green pole beans. Yum. We had these last year and they were so good lightly sauteed in butter, with some salt and pepper. Can’t wait.

Onions The onions are trying to take over.

Squash Here’s the squash. I’m not sure how it’s going to do. Last year we didn’t even get this far with them.

Carrots The carrots are slow going. This is the first year we’ve planted carrots, but after doing some research it seemed they will grow in a square foot garden. Time will tell.

Green Pepper If you look close there are two little green peppers!! Peppers are expensive at the grocery. Most of these guys are going in the freezer for winter. (My husband loves to use a lot of them in the chili he makes).

Strawberry The strawberries are looking good. One leaf got eaten by some little critter. My husband’s working on a chicken wire netting for the top. (I’ll post more on that once it’s done.)

Tomatoes Can’t wait for the tomatoes. I could eat a tomato everyday and never tire of them. Freshly picked, sliced with a little sugar on them…nothing better. Okay, maybe sliced with cottage cheese, freshly cooked in pasta sauce, fresh Pico de Gallo. I could go on and on.

lettuce  Lastly, the lettuce is starting to come up. Last year this little vegetable was so tender and made some great salads. It seems to be growing a little slowly this year.

My son is impressed that we haven’t used any fertilizers or chemicals on it. I’m just happy to have fresh, clean, food.

Happy Gardening~Bam


I'm a wife and Mom. I love baking, crafting, scrap booking, and reading for fun. I work full-time outside of the home and I have one adult son who has high functioning Autism. My husband and I have been married for over 25 years and I still love him as much today as I did the day we were married.

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