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Garden update

I’m so excited to say the garden has so far exceeded our expectations, even though the squirrels tried their best to destroy it. They love digging around in the dirt, trying to bury their ‘goodies’.

P1010244 My husband came up with this idea and so far it’s worked out really great. We haven’t had any unwanted ‘guests’ since he’s put it up. He trimmed down some cedar and screwed in the chicken wire. He decided to make three separate closures in case I wanted to take them out and weed, but, I’ve found that I can reach everything just fine without having to remove them. He attached them by adding large screws to the top of the bed, and drilled matching holes in the cedar that’s attached to the chicken wire, then the wood screen just sits on top in holes, loosely locked into place.

P1010246 The peas really like it too, they’ve become quit attached.

P1010242 The green beans are really taking off too. They were attaching themselves to the wire and the peas. We put in garden stakes so they can grow upright.

P1010241 I can’t wait to see what the next couple of weeks bring!!!~Bam


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Cherry Marzipan tea

I love tea. Hot, cold, with sugar or milk or honey, fruit flavored, plain and even unsweetened. About the only way I won’t drink it is with lemon. I think it’s because when I was little my grandma only had sweet tea with lemon (she was from the South – what can I say), and other than milk, juice, or coffee, tea was the drink of choice.

I have a new favorite tea…Cherry Marzipan. I was down in Nashville (Indiana – or locally known as ‘Brown County‘) a few weekends ago and my friend was telling me about this really cool tea shop called Sweetea’s. Then she proceeded to tell me about this delicious Cherry Marzipan flavored tea. Yep, she was right, it’s really good stuff. I even love just sniffing it, because It smells just like fresh cherries.

Even Dr Oz lists it as one of his favorite tea’s saying: “Tea Forté Cherry Marzipan Dessert in a mug, made from acerola cherries, toasted almonds, and raspberry leaves”.

The Cherry Marzipan tea is a loose tea made by ‘Tea Forte‘. It’s organic and Fair Trade certified. A little on the pricey end but really all things considered it’s a great value. It also lasts for a long time in it’s dried state. They have all kinds of delicious and unique flavors. Not only that, but it’s a great anti-oxidant, and good for your skin.

Sweetea’s is a tiny eclectic, off the main street little delight. They have a good variety of loose teas, single brew tea bags, tea cafe cups, and stylish teapots.They also have these drinks called ‘bubble tea’ and you can mix flavors of tea with these little ‘bubbles’ of flavored juice, they put it in your tea and serve it on ice with a really big straw (so you can suck up the flavored bubbles, they burst in your mouth to release the juice). Really, who thought this up?? I don’t know, but, it was really good, and the next time I’m in Brown County this will be the first place I stop for another ‘bubble tea’ and of course more Cherry Marzipan loose tea.

If you are ever in Brown County take time to stop and check it out. You won’t regret it.~bam