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Thanksgiving Day Shopping

No! I truly do not understand where our sentiment has gone when ‘retail America’ thinks it is okay to shop on Thanksgiving Day.

This bothers me in so many ways. Here are just a couple. Firstly – what about the people who have to work for all of these stores that decide to open on Thanksgiving Day? I don’t know, I just feel it’s kind of selfish. If I worked retail I’m sure I would be really upset about not being able to spend a national holiday with my family. Secondly – Is there any Christmas gift that’s needed that badly? We should ask ourselves…”am I going die if I don’t get that perfect pair of shoes, great purse, shiny jewelry, or whatever it is that one MUST have??”

I understand that this is mainly an answer to consumer demand. Black Friday pandemonium has caused broken bones and even death from being trampled upon. All for the best Christmas gift at the best price. Well, what’s the true meaning of Christmas here?

I would love to start a survey of how long these well sought out, and fought for items even lasted. Did the recipient like it as much as the giver or what it a big let down?

‘Black Friday’ comes from an accounting term. Typically this is the one day of the year when retail stores are “in the black”, meaning their profit is higher than their expenditures. Thanksgiving Day is now referred to as ‘Gray Thursday’. I wonder how this effects profitability? One would have to believe also that with internet shopping open everyday, and accessibility to stores from all over the world would be affecting local store profits.

Even with all of this early shopping available, it’s still known that ‘Cyber Monday’ is where one will find the best deals on clothing, accessories and shoes.

I love being with family on Thanksgiving Day, eating a wonderful meal, hanging out and just catching up with everyone and watching football. It’s what I’ve done all of my life. Sure, as I’ve gotten older, lost grandparents, married, had a child, the family we’re with has changed slightly, but, the tradition has never changed. I guess I’m just a little sentimental that way.

I did do some early shopping on-line yesterday, but, even now that I’m home in my pajamas, watching football and relaxing on the couch, I will not be shopping. It’s a day to be with my family.

Just something to chew on – Happy Thanksgiving!~Bam


I'm a wife and Mom. I love baking, crafting, scrap booking, and reading for fun. I work full-time outside of the home and I have one adult son who has high functioning Autism. My husband and I have been married for over 25 years and I still love him as much today as I did the day we were married.

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