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Raised Garden 2015 – update

Well, as I’ve said before this is a work in progress, but here’s what it looks like now.

P1010355 It looks nice and full but looks can be deceiving….right in the middle it seems like nothing is growing very good. I suspect it’s because in the very beginning my husband didn’t realize I’d already planted seeds and then laid some extra pots in the dirt and kind of rearranged what was underneath the dirt – but I could be completely wrong and it’s something else.

P1010357 The peas are looking good…I’ve already started pulling the fat ones off and putting them in the freezer for later this year.

P1010356 We’ve planted Kentucky Wonder pole beans two years in a row now and they’ve been exceptional. I fresh froze them last year and fixed some for Christmas Eve dinner, and they were delicious. In my opinion they are a good hardy bean with full flavor even after being frozen for half a year.

P1010364 I planted the carrots in the exact same square as last years carrots (right next to the peas) and they’ve done really well this year again. I’ll be fresh freezing these too, for Christmas Eve dinner again.

P1010366 P1010365 Kale and lettuce. I planted these next to each other. I planted both of them in two squares each, but, for some reason only one square has done well the other kale didn’t come up at all and the other lettuce is up but not as “happy” (kind of started late and not as full).

P1010359 This is the second year I’ve planted “Sun Sugar” tomatoes also, and I just love these little guys. They are the prettiest color of yellow-orange, very sweet and perfect for eating raw in a salad, with cottage cheese, in a Caprese salad, or just as a little snack on their own. So healthy and deliciously juicy.

P1010368 Yay for radishes…Love these little guys too.

P1010363 P1010362 The Rosemary and Lemon Verbena are doing fantastic. I love fresh Rosemary, it has such a hardy flavor. I especially like it with baked chicken. My Lemon Verbena has really filled out too, It was one little stem when I first planted it.

P1010361 And lastly, but worth a mention, my Chive head, ha ha ha. I love a little whimsy and this would be it. They’re really frail right now but, in a few more weeks they’ll be a great addition to add to a fresh salad.

Happy Gardening~Bam