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Raised Garden Update #2

It’s the middle of summer and we’ve had a lot of rain. Rain, rain and more rain. I think if someone built an underground pipeline from the Midwest to California they would never have a drought problem again, that’s how much rain we’ve had here.

The garden is doing okay, but still not as great as I would have liked. The lettuce kind of shriveled out, and we’ve gotten very little peppers out of the garden this year. There just wasn’t enough hot weather and sunshine to match the amount of rain we had early on. As always, the weather plays an important part in how good things grow or don’t grow. The plants that do well with a lot of rain -tomatoes, okra, green beans have done really well. The root vegetables I have planted have done well too because the garden bed drains from the bottom and so far that’s been working out well.

We’ve had some dry weather the last couple of weeks but still not really a lot of full on sunshine.

20141013_180641 These are the only peppers I’ve gotten – two medium green peppers and one Jalapeño, so sad.

20150728_192539  On the other hand, our carrots have done better than last years. I just love pulling the carrots out of the dirt. They smell wonderful and are so sweet right out of the garden.

20150816_084123 This is our first year to grow okra…I had no idea okra was so easy to grow. I’m definitely going to be adding more okra to next years garden.

20150816_083725 The tomatoes are growing really well too.

20150816_083740 Unfortunately, some critter has decided to eat them. I haven’t been able to figure out what’s getting to them – squirrels or more than likely a racoon, but it’s driving me nuts. It’s gotten two of my Heirloom tomatoes already.

I would love to have comments from any other raised bed gardeners, to see what I can improve on for next year.

Still enjoying the garden~Bam


I'm a wife and Mom. I love baking, crafting, scrap booking, and reading for fun. I work full-time outside of the home and I have one adult son who has high functioning Autism. My husband and I have been married for over 25 years and I still love him as much today as I did the day we were married.

2 thoughts on “Raised Garden Update #2

  1. I’m looking forward to reading more! I’ve also had really disappointing peppers this year. I’m almost certain it’s directly due to the massive water we had in June. Couldn’t be something that I did. 🙂


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