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Metal Milk Can Repurposed

I’ve been working on the front porch, and after painting our door a pretty bright blue I wanted to add a smaller table and then get a couple of chairs to hang out in. I love sitting on the front porch, and here in Indiana we have pretty nice weather three out of four seasons.

I’ve been checking out some posts on Pinterest (my new obsession) and I found some really cute ideas for these old 10-gallon metal milk cans. This got me to thinking about doing this myself for our front porch. Repurposing is a great way to keep things out of our landfills (just my own opinion). At first I started doing some searching on Ebay and then Craig’s List but I just couldn’t find anything that was in my price range.

IMG_0288 My very first baby-sitter made this for my Mom, about thirty-five years ago. I was so bummed that she wouldn’t let me have it, but then they wouldn’t have anywhere to keep their umbrellas. Oh well…

My husband and I decided to take a Saturday morning and go to a local antique shop, the Southport Antique Mall. This place has so many cool things, and the one thing I really like is that almost everything there is really truly an antique. Not the same think as an indoor flea market, where there’s just a lot of random junk.

P1010396 This is what we found. They had a few of these in the shop but only one at $20…I knew the first moment I laid eyes on it, it was mine. We brought it home, cleaned it really well and then my husband set it up for me to spray paint it.

P1010398 I chose a nice light yellow from Rustoleum. One can did three complete coats, which was plenty to cover up all of that gold.

P1010405 I picked out several designs from Cricut, cut them out on the burgundy sticker paper and put it on my milk can. I used the hummingbird cutout from “Pagaoda”, the butterfly from “Paper Lace” and the flowers from “Cindy Loo”. I was going to cut out a dragonfly also but then I decided I didn’t want that much on it. I will say that the sticky paper isn’t very sticky and I put three coats of clear shellac on it to help it stick. If I had to do it over again I might have put a thin layer of clue on it before applying it, but it still worked, I just had to work with it a bit more than I thought I would.

P1010402 My husband and I found this round table top wood from our local Home Depot and it was exactly what I was looking for. I finished with Minwax “Honey 272”.

P1010429 I absolutely love how this turned out and the whole project was less than $40.

Happy Crafting~bam


I'm a wife and Mom. I love baking, crafting, scrap booking, and reading for fun. I work full-time outside of the home and I have one adult son who has high functioning Autism. My husband and I have been married for over 25 years and I still love him as much today as I did the day we were married.

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