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Re-purposed Rocking Chair

I’ve been wanting to redo our front porch furniture for a while now. After all, what we had out there was a very, very old rocking swing that was looking pretty bad. The paint has been fading, splinters are coming out and it just is looking kind of decrepit, maybe it’s because we’ve had for over twenty years now. Alas though, we aren’t getting rid of it. My husband has taken it apart and is sanding each of wood plank then we are going to paint it a nice bright red an put it on the back deck for extra seating. It still swings really nicely and my husband just can’t part with it.

We’ve already got our first piece, the 10-gallon milk can that’s been re-purposed into a nice little table.

P1010429 It’s really cute and very inexpensive compared to true outdoor furniture.

My husband and I were walking the dog through our neighborhood and passed by a yard sale and saw this torn up rocking chair – she wanted $10 but we talked her down to $8 (hey, they expect some dickering right?)

P1010403 P1010411 It’s completely missing the bottom, which used to be some sort of wicker weaving. I took my X-acto knife and cleaned the seat up and then sanded it down so there isn’t any more sharp pieces poking out.

P1010413 After putting a coat of primer on it (we used the extra we had from our front door), I used some spackling paste on the back of the chair where there was an engraved design to cover it up. Then my husband sanded it down so it was nice and smooth. Then, I painted it bright blue (again, the same as the front door).

P1010430 My husband added some very strong wood to the bottom (he had some scrap from another project) and now it’s ready for the seat cushion.

P1010432 I picked up a 2″ foam square and a remnant of brown vinyl from Jo-Ann Fabrics. After cutting out the foam cushion I had no idea how I was going to cut out a perfect circle from the vinyl, then my husband said he had something I could use. He brought this in from the garage for me to try, some sort of woodworking compass which worked out perfectly.

P1010433 I really couldn’t think of anyway, other than Velcro, to attach the cushion to the chair without making a big mess, or making it semi-permanent, neither of which I was going for here. After all, this will be in all kinds of weather, and I’m sure it will need replaced at some point.

P1010436 After attaching the cushion down with the Velcro, I started systematically putting in thumb tacks around the vinyl. Once I finished with the tacks I trimmed the vinyl. If you look closely you’ll see the tacks aren’t perfectly aligned but I still like the way it turned out (hey, I never said I was a professional).

P1010439 Ta-DA….here’s the final product. I even took some craft paint with a stencil and painted a little flower on it so it would sort-of match the milk can. I love how it turned out. Not only does it brighten up my front porch, it’s functional, and it was very inexpensive to repurpose. Not only that, but we’ve kept something else from our over filled landfills (which makes me feel really good).

P1010435 P1010437 I used hammered decorative nails for the seat cushion and this stencil with a stippling brush and “Red Apple” Apple Barrel paint to make the stencil on the back of the chair.

P1010431  P1010438 On a side note -we also re-purposed this old cabinet, I found at another yard sale, while walking Brownie. It turned out great. We use it for Brownie’s food on the bottom shelf and we bought two baskets for 50% off at Michaels and I’m using those to store plastic ware for easy access to pack our lunches. We just love how it turned out.

Hope you can find something to re-purpose too!~Bam


I'm a wife and Mom. I love baking, crafting, scrap booking, and reading for fun. I work full-time outside of the home and I have one adult son who has high functioning Autism. My husband and I have been married for over 25 years and I still love him as much today as I did the day we were married.

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